Ophelia Bedelia

8 Mar

Hello my lovely daughter! While this blog is unlikely to be read by you for some years (unless you happen to be a baby genius. truthfully I wouldn’t be surprised) I am writing it about you, for you. But since all of your family members and a few non-family members would like frequent updates on you they will be able to read it too. I hope that’s ok with you 🙂

You are exactly one month old today. I caught a glimpse of the clock at 6:36pm, the exact time you were born. I looked out the window and thought about how the sky looked that night from the birth tub in our living room. It was the clearest winter day followed by the most beautiful twilight and the sweetest night. I remember every second of it. One of these days I will finally be able to right your birth story. You are a pretty easy going baby for the most part but you don’t like to be put down very often. That’s okay, I love holding you oh so much. But one of these days I’ll have both the space in mind and in hand to be able to recall that amazing day.

Here are a few highlights of the last few weeks:

Our first decent picture together. And when I say decent I mean clothed.

You were born on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 which coincidentally happens to be your “Aunt” Kalli’s birthday. Those few hours after you were born I remember lying together with you and your dad in our bed while everyone else bussled about outside our room. Your papa and I just beamed at you and he kept saying how he couldn’t believe how perfect you were and counting your fingers and toes. The midwives came in to ask if we had given you a name and when we told them we were naming you Ophelia they both smiled and agreed that it suited you perfectly.

Your dad has this way he looks at you, sort of a cross between pride and wonder. When he holds you you often just stare up at him. You don’t do this with anyone else, not even with me. My theory is that since he used to talk to my belly so often his voice is the one you recognize the most. Sometimes when you start crying all he has to do is come over and give you a few kisses on the head and you settle back down immediately. He certainly has the touch.

Ashlin and Matt came to visit

Lots of people came to visit you in the first few weeks after you were born. My cousin Ashlin who lives in San Diego was up visiting her boyfriend Matt in San Francisco so they came to see you! They brought us a delicious lunch and a special stuffed cold virus. I think I need to put a picture up for you to get the concept.

And of course Granny Mimi and Grandpa Phil.

I’m getting pretty tired and you’re finally asleep so I might actually be able to eat some dinner. I post much more tomorrow but before I go here are 5 things I never want to forget about you at this age:

1) The silly noises you make. Sometimes you sound just like a puppy. Sometimes you’re all squeeks. Other times I could swear you giggle.

2) Nursing you. I love stroking your hair and watching you eat. You’re so serious about it as if there are lives in the hanging. Nursing always puts you right you sleep. You’re not the cleanest eater. There’s usually a dribble of milk running down your chin after you’re done, passed out in my arms.

3) Your startle reflex. It always cracks me up seeing you throw your hands up in the “caught me red-handed” pose. I try not to think about how quickly something so minor like this that seems so permanent will be gone in a matter of months. You’re already growing up.

4) The way you look at me with complete trust. It always feels like you’re saying to me “I know you’ll always take care of me.” Of course I will, but damn that kind of trust is a lot of pressure.

5) How alert and crazy you are in the morning. When you wake up, boy, do you wake up! When your dad and I are trying to get a few more minutes of sleep you are always squawking and waving your arms around. It’s impossible to sleep but if I have to get up it’s surely the sweetest thing to awaken me 🙂

Love always,



2 Responses to “Ophelia Bedelia”

  1. susan March 13, 2012 at 8:06 pm #

    I love this blog! When my daughter was a baby, I kept a journal for her (we’re talking way pre-online days). It was so cathartic and exciting to think that one day she’d read it. She eventually did, and loved it. So keep it up, I know Ophelia will just adore this one day.

    • jenniferwattsreggiardo March 13, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

      Thanks Susan 🙂 I started a hand-written journal while I was pregnant but seem to have an easier time remembering to write regularly in blogs for some reason.

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